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Garden Birdbath

Crackle Glass Birdbath Bowl (Cobalt Blue)

Crackle Glass Birdbath Bowl (Fern Green)

Crackle Glass Birdbath Bowl (Amber)

Cobalt Blue Glass Bird Bath Bowl with Iron Cradle

Light Green Glass Bird Bath Bowl w/ Iron Cradle

Roses Birdbath & Stake - Yellow

Lapis Birdbath & Stake

Flowers & Butterfly Ceramic Birdbath

Neo Classic Black Granite Birdbath

Flower Bird Bath-Black Granite

Water Rippling Bird Bath

Kozy Resort Bird Bath, Auto Refill w/Base

Auto Refill Birdbath with Base

Deluxe Birdbath

Lily Bird Bath Antique Copper

Pedestal Birdbath Ant. Bronze

Kozy Bird Birdbath

Deck Mounted Birdbath with EZ Tilt 14"

Deck Mount Birdbath

Deck-mounted Birdbath White

Deck Mounted Birdbath with EZ Tilt 20"

Green Leaf Birdbath

Hourglass Birdbath Stand

Table Top Birdbath Stand Scroll

Birdbath Stand Tall

Song Birds Birdbath

Hummingbird Couple Glass BirdBath

Metal BirdBath w/ Scrollwork Stand

Birdbath Raft

Non Heated Dish for Kozy Spa Bird Bath

Ancient Graffiti Standing Bird Birdbath or Feeder

Standing Leaf Birdbath or Feeder

Standing Frog Birdbath or Feeder

Scalloped Birdbath with Bird

Pedestal Birdbath with Birds

Glass Goldfinches Birdbath

Birdbath Stake Summer Flutter Glass

Birdbath Stake Metal

Birdbath Stake Monarch Lilac Glass

BirdbathStake Tree of Life Glass

BirdbathStake RubyPansy Glass

Birdbath Stake HumBird Glass

Pedestal Bird Bath Verdigris

Ancient Graffiti Hanging Leaf Birdbath or Feeder

Aquarius Birdbath Solar Stake

Aspen Leaf Bird Bath with Stand

Fern Green Crackle Bowl with Stand

Green Birdbath Stand

Bunny Birdbath

Caterpillar Garden Stake Small

Firefly Garden Stake Small

Frog Garden Stake Small

Ladybug Garden Stake Small

Snail Garden Stake Small

Rustic Birdhouse Bird

Wrought Iron Stake

Portly Chipmunk

Blooms Birds in the Tree Trellis

Birdbath with Stand Flower

Birdbath with Stand Lily Pad

Birdbath with Stand Sun

Leaf Bug Garden Stake Small

Solar Mushroom Stake Butterfly

Solar Mushroom Stake Dragonfly

Solar Mushroom Stake Frog

Solar Mushroom Stake Ladybug

Butterfly Single Strand Hanging Branch Red

Sunflower Glass Bird Bath

Birdbath Monarch Lilac Glass

Birdbath Tree of Life Glass

Garden BirdbathBird baths are wonderful additions to a garden landscape and a reliable way to attract birds to your birdbath. Birds are attracted to the dripping or running water sounds of a birdbath fountain. If you would like to increase the number of birds visiting your bird bath we recommend placing the bird bath bowl next to a bird food source. It is also important to place the fountain bird bath or bird bath bowl in an open site. Birds are typically vulnerable to predators because they cannot fly well when their feathers are wet. Placing the bird bath in an open space will allow our feathered friends to have a clear view of oncoming threats. Additionally, any bird bath should be filled with clean water – imagine trying to bath or drink in water riddled with algae, mud or even worse… bird droppings!

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