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Bird House Kits Typically birdhouse kits are best suited for individuals who enjoy both backyard birding, working with their hands, and crafts. A birdhouse kit are for those of us that enjoy taking a more active role in backyard birding.The birdhouse kit provides a package of pre-cut pieces of wood and instructions so that a backyard birder can assemble various types of birdhouses on their own. Some of the birdhouse kits are wonderful crafting projects for children. These specific birdhouse kits have pre-packaged stickers that allow kids to decorate and stylize the finished project. Once the birdhouse has been completed, the project provides a wonderful learning opportunity. Kids can learn how important it is for humans to provide nesting boxes and birdhouses to birds who are cavity nesters. All in all the birdhouse kits are a fun and educational experience for both kids and parents alike.

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