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Decorative Birdhouses

Starbarn Birdhouse

Cape Cod Cottage with Bracket

The Manor

Chapel Bell Birdhouse- No Bracket

Birdhouse Flower Top

Lock and Key Birdhouse

Terra Cotta Colonial Jug Birdhouse 1.25in. opening

Victorian Cottage Birdhouse

Chalet Birdhouse

Town Hall For Purple Martins


Le Chateau- Dark Yellow

Sleepy Hollow

Gingerbread Cottage

Kingsgate Cottage

Victorian Manor

Clubhouse Birdhouse

Classic Pedestal/Tall

Holiday House Birdhouse

Novelty Cottage 2 pc. Pre-pack

Wren House

Blue Bird House

Birdhouse Red Roof Hotel

Birdhouse Pole Set

Wooden Baluster Post

Bastion Bird House

Hiking Boot Birdhouse

Little Wren House

Christmas Wren Cottage- Removable Wreath Detail

Fly Reel Birdhouse

Large Mouth Bass Birdhouse

Graniteware Coffee Pot Birdhouse

Backpack Birdhouse

Hunting Shell Birdhouse

Muddled Moose Birdhouse

Loony Loon Birdhouse

Bluebird Portly Birdhouse

Season's Tweetings Birdhouse

Christmas Cottage Birdfeeder Red

Camper Birdhouse

Handcrafted Green Toad Birdhouse

Christmas Cottage Birdfeeder White

White Christmas Wren Cottage

Retro Birdhouse Starfish Small

Retro Birdhouse Musical Small

Firefly Nest Box Natural

Firefly Nest Box Plaid

Meadow Nest Box

Willow Nest Box Natural

Willow Nest Box Plaid

Woodlands Nest Box

Mother-In-Law Suite Birdhouse

Country Star Birdhouse - White

Country Star Birdhouse - Blue

Owl Birdhouse

Picket Fence Cottage Birdhouse

Canadian Birdhouse - White

Circus Birdhouse

Rooster Dangle Leg Birdhouse

Frog Birdhouse

Red Breasted Nuthatch Birdhouse

Ladybug Birdhouse

Jumping Cat Birdhouse - Tuxedo

Eastern Bluebird Birdhouse

Cardinal Birdhouse

Robin Birdhouse

Chickadee Birdhouse

Wren Birdhouse

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Birdhouse

Jumping Cat Birdhouse - Tabby

Cat Open Mouth Birdhouse

Rolling Cat Birdhouse

Chillin Cat Birdhouse

Round Cat Open Mouth Birdhouse

Great Horned Owl Birdhouse

Blue Jay Birdhouse

Pileated Woodpecker Birdhouse

Hummingbird Birdhouse

Jumping Dalmation Birdhouse

Jumping Yellow Lab Birdhouse

Birdhouse Mass Dog Brown

Blue Bird Square Birdhouse

Birdhouse Americana Wooden Blue Roof w/ Stars

Birdhouse Sunflower Hat Red

Birdhouse Dressy Hat Purple

Birdhouse Dressy Hat Straw

The Kottage Kabin Redwood Birdhouse

Copper Mansion - Bright Copper Roof

Copper Mansion - Brown Patina Roof

Copper Songbird -Verdi Roof

Copper Songbird -Brown Patina Roof

Country Wildwood Church

Victorian Mansion - Bright Copper Roof

Victorian Mansion - Verdi Roof

Victorian Mansion - Brown Patina Roof

Oct-Avian - Bright Copper Roof

Oct-Avian - Verdi Roof

Oct-Avian - Verdi Roof

Cape Cod Wren - Smoke Grey

Cape Cod Wren - Blue Pickle

Cape Cod Wren - Redwood

Cape Cod Wren - Celery

Cape Cod Wren - Whitewashed

Cape Cod Wren - Mango

Ivy House - Mahogany

Ivy House - White

Cotswold Cottage

Lauren Gail

Highland Park

Chick - Smoke Grey

Chick - Pinion Green

Chick - Redwood

Chick - Redwood

Chick - Whitewashed

Chick - Celery

Chick - Blueberry

Classic - Smoke Grey

Classic - Pinion Green

Classic - Redwood

Classic - Whitewashed

Classic - Celery

Classic - Yellow

Songbird Suite - White

Songbird Suite - Dark Olive

Songbird Suite - Old World Finish

Wren-In-The-Wind - Smoke Grey

Wren-In-The-Wind - Pinion Green

Wren-In-The-Wind - Redwood

Wren-In-The-Wind - Whitewashed

Wren-In-The-Wind - Blue Pickle

Wren-In-The-Wind - Celery

Wren-In-The-Wind - Goldfinch

Wren-In-The-Wind - Blue Eggshell

Wren-In-The-Wind - Green Apple

Mahogany Chateau

Bungalow - Smoke Grey

Bungalow - Pinion Green

Bungalow - Redwood

Bungalow - Whitewashed

Bungalow - Celery

Gatehouse - Celery

Gatehouse - Smoke Grey

Gatehouse - Whitewash

Gatehouse - Redwood


Olde Tyme Chapel

French Villa

Starter Home

Wrental House

Classic Chapel

Jennie Lynn - White

Lantern Loft

Avian Bungalow

Hadley Park - White/Verdi Roof

Florentine - White/Verdi Roof

Chickadee Joy Box

Flicker Joy Box

Screech Owl Joy Box

Wood Duck Joy Box

Sleepy Hollow - Loose Moose

Sleepy Hollow - Big Dog

Sleepy Hollow - Horse Heaven

Sleepy Hollow - Hen House

Copper Songbird Deluxe - White/Verdigris Roof

Copper Songbird Deluxe - White/Brown Patina Roof

Valerie Ann

Cypress Landing

Avian Meadows


Vintage Gatehouse

Vintage Wren

Vintage Shed

Twitter Junction - Yellow

Twitter Junction - Turquoise

Twitter Junction - Blue

Twitter Junction - Salmon

Twitter Junction - White

Air Castle - Yellow

Air Castle - Blue

Air Castle - Grey

Air Castle - Redwood

Air Castle - White

Rock City - Redwood

Rock City - Natural

Rock City - White

High Cotton - Redwood

High Cotton - White

High Cotton - Natural

High Cotton - Blue

High Cotton - Limey Yellow

Jacob's Ladder - Blue

Jacob's Ladder - White

Jacob's Ladder - Natural

Jacob's Ladder - Turquoise

Jacob's Ladder -Limey Yellow

Jacob's Ladder - Redwood

Prairie Home - Yellow

Prairie Home - Blue

Prairie Home - Green

Prairie Home - Natural

Prairie Home - Redwood

Flock of Ages

Fruit Coops - Blueberry

Fruit Coops - Grape

Fruit Coops - Green Apple

Fruit Coops - Fig

Fruit Coops - Mango

Fruit Coops - Pear

Fruit Coops - Pumpkin


Lord of Wings - Blue

Lord of Wings - Moss Green

Lord of Wings - Redwood

Lord of Wings - Yellow

Potter's Place - Bronze

Potter's Place - Moss Green

Potter's Place - Redwood


Bluebird View Thru

Carolina Wren All Purpose House

Wren Mailbox

Bluebird Green Roof

Screech Owl House

Wren- A-Frame Bird House

Bluebird Couple Anniversary Wedding

Dragonfly Round Birdhouse

Ladybug Round Birdhouse

Bluebird Berry Felt Birdhouse

Orange Felt Birdhouse

Lily Felt Birdhouse

Sunshine Felt Birdhouse

Butterfly Felt Birdhouse

Pond Symphony Birdbath with Toadhouse Base

Round Island Lighthouse Birdhouse

Windy Cardinals Suncatcher

Bird Town Xmas

Porch Gathering Xmas

Turtle Birdhouse with Chain Hanger

Chicken Birdhouse

Stylized Bird Birdhouse

Plump Blue Birdhouse

Hanging Sphere Blue/Ivory

Hanging Sphere Ivory/Blue

Birdhouse Ivory/Blue

Debbie Mumm Cream Sphere

Debbie Mumm Round Windchime 2 Styles

Modern Vintage Rose & Aqua Butterfly Birdhouse

Modern Vintage Lilac Butterfly Birdhouse

Plastic Peek-A-Boo Window Birdhouse

Aspen Felt Birdhouse

Chinaberry Blue Jay Felt Birdhouse

Daffodil Felt Birdhouse

Big Dragonfly Felt Birdhouse

Clown Fish Felt Birdhouse

Cosmo Goldfinch Felt Birdhouse

Flying Pig Felt Birdhouse

Pin Oak Acorn Felt Birdhouse

Strawberry Felt Birdhouse

Fox Felt Birdhouse

Puffer Fish Felt Birdhouse

Poppy Felt Birdhouse

Songbirds Cheese Cutting Board with Knife

Ladybug/Butterfly Reversible Kids' Hat Large

Rustic Birdhouse Acorn

Rustic Birdhouse Pinecone

Rustic Birdhouse Dragonfly

Rustic Birdhouse Flower

Rustic Feeder Stake Birdhouse

Rustic Feeder Stake Double Umbrella

Rustic Feeder Stake Heart

Rustic Feeder Stake Leaf

Rustic Feeder Stake Swirl

Rustic Feeder Stake Umbrella

Love Bird Woolie Ornament

Decorative BirdhousesUsing a birdhouse is an excellent way to attract birds to your backyard! Find the perfect decorative birdhouse for your yard and peruse our site for other types of birdhouses such as a wooden birdhouse, gourd birdhouse, purple martin birdhouse, and much much more! Our decorative bird houses are a fun and exciting addition to any backyard. The YourBirdOasis decorative birdhouses come in all shapes, sizes, and themes. You can purchase a terra cotta birdhouse, a birdhouse in the shape star, a school bus, a church or a radio! Hanging these birdhouses will make your backyard both functional and fashionable.

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