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Wood Bird HouseA wood bird house or a nesting box will attract cavity nesting bird species. When you mount birdhouses, you may be able to host species such as the bluebird, chickadee, wood duck, northern flicker, american kestrel, purple martin, screech Owl, house sparrow, starling, barn swallow, tree swallow, violet-green swallow, tufted titmouse, bewick’s wren, house wren, or a Carolina wren. Birdhouses are important to mount in our backyards due to the trouble cavity nesting birds now have finding nesting sites. Putting up a birdhouse or nesting box is a matter of survival to birds in your neighborhood.When considering a birdhouse purchase it is important to choose one made with the right type of material. Wood happens to be a wonderful material to use for birdhouses, because it is a very good insulator, is highly durable and long-lasting.YourBirdOasis has many different types of wooden birdhouses in stock. You will find these wooden birdhouses are often not painted and plain because they are appealing to birds, because it looks like the real thing… a hole in a tree! But don’t forget the decorative bird houses work just as well and provide an aesthetic appeal to our backyards and gardens.

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