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Bird Accessories

Clear Screw-On Bird Feeder Seed Tray

Birds of Paradise Deck Hook

12in. Hanging Baffle

20in. Hanging Baffle

Aluminum seed Tray 8 in. Green

Mounting Plate

Adjustable Feeder Pole

Universal Pole Kit

Step In Bird Feeder Pole-Green

90 in. Garden Pole 1 in. OD-3 piece

Ultimate Pole Auger

Pole Section

Square Platform 4 in.

Round Flange for 4 x 4 Post

Ground Screw for 4 x 4 Post

Universal Mounting Bracket

42 inch Hummingbird Hook

27 inch Extended Reach Deck Hook

The Liberty Sheperds Pole + freight

Metal Twig Stake Small

Metal Twig Stake Large

Adjustable 36 in. Deck Hanger

Magnum Crane 1 Hook

Magnum Crane 2 Hooks

Wrought Iron 3-Arm Tree 96 in.

3-Arm Bird Tree Feeder w/Plate 96 in.

36 in. Adj Deck Hook Double

60-90 in. Adjustable Crane Single*

Small Grabbee Shepherd Hook

Stokes Select 12 in Snap-On Hanger

Hook 9 in.

Hook 12 in.

Hook 18 in.

24 in. Curved Hanger

Hook 12 in.

Hook 6 in.

24 in. S-Hook Extension

S-Hook 30

Extension Hook 48 in.

Hook 15 in.

Hook 6 in.

Curved Hook 8 in.

20 in. Angled Hanger

Angled Deck Rail Hook w/Clamp for 2x4 Rail

Fence & Deck Hook

Hook for Fence/Deck

36 in. Curved Deck Rail Hook

22 in. Swivel Hangman Wall Mount

12 in. Straight Hanger

Dble Arm Mnt & Hanger (Adds 16 in. Arm to DCH)

Incredible Adjustable Deck Clamp & Hanger 46 in.

Flipper Power Stick

Single Arm Mount and Hanger

Shorty Hook, 11 in.

Standard Hook

Triple Hook Assembly

Peg Baffle Kit Cl Acrylic

Peg Baffle Kit Green

Peg Baffle Kit Plated

Universal Seed Tray with Screws 13 in.

Round Seed Tray (8.5 in. diameter)

Fancy 10in. Swirl Tray

Big Foot 12 in. Round Seed Tray

Seed Tray 7 in.

Omni Seed Tray

7 in. Green Seed Tray

Seed Saucer Green

Red Seed Tray

Clever Clean Seed Tray

Replacement Bottom

Seattle Rain Dome

Universal Clamp Cover with Clamp

Fancy 14in. Swirl Dome

Weather Dome


in.New in. Super Dome Baffle

Multi Position Hook

Bird Feeding Pin (Set of 3)

Super Link

Versa Perch

Ring Pull Perch Ring

Nite-Guard Control Light

Small Yellow Flowers - Package of 9

Bee Guards Replacements (4 per package)

Sunflower Ports (3 per package)

Locking Chain 18 inch

Thistle Ports (3 per package)

Songbird Magnet Bird Caller

Seed Scoop Blue

Metal Covered Perch

Birdfeeder Brush, 24 in.

Replacement 32 oz. Bottle

Replacement 8 oz. Bottle

Hummer Helper Nest Material Refill

Best Nest Builder

Quick Clean Bigfoot Tray

Red Replacement Flowers

Yellow Replacement Flowers

Seed Hoop 24 inch

4X4 Post Mount

Single Pole Connector

16 inch Shepherd Hook

C Shaped Hangar

Mounting Platform

Ground Anchor

Heavy Duty 32 inch Pole

Flag Mount Bracket

Oriole Dish Feeder

34 inch Angle Hanger

20 inch Angle Hanger

Suet Cage Bracket

Double Pole Connector

Platform Feeder Bracket

Wall Mounting Plate Single

Wall Mounting Plate Double

Dbl Curved Wall Mount Hanger

Curved Wall Mount Hanger

Deck Clamp Single Vert. Rail

Deck Clamp Dbl Vertical Rail

Large C Shaped Hanger

24 inch Shepherd Hook

Heavy Duty 16 inch Pole

Triple Pole Connector

Finial Decorative

25 inch Ground/Patio Stabilization

Quad Pole Connector

Bird Bath Bracket/Dish

Deck Clamp Sing Horizontal Rail

Deck Clamp Double Horizontal Rail

36 inch Shepherd Hook

Clever Clean Seed Tray Smoke

Deflector Clamp for 4 x 4 Post

Clear Screw-On Seed Tray(Fits all feeders)

10.5in. Clear Screw-On Seed Tray

Round Seed Tray (8.5 in. diameter)

Fancy 10in. Swirl Tray

Handi Stand Bird Feeder Stand

Handi Stand Bird Feeder Stand (Copper)

18" Hanging Extender

24" Hanging Extender

Rail Rockit Set

Deluxe Feeding Station Kit

Bluebird Nest Lift

Chow Time Birdie Bell

Feeding Base w/ Perch Holder (for Opus 251)

Base (for Perky Pet 260 or 262)

Base (for Perky Pet 220)

Base (for Perky Pet 701)

Base (for Perky Pet 702)

Seed Feeding Tube (for Perky Pet 399)

Chickadee Bird Silhouette

Crossfire II 10x42 Binocular

Predatory Bird Repeller

Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Need a bird feeder pole, bird feeder hanger, seed tray, or deck mount? Look no further! We have just the right birding accessories for you. Often times we get so excited about purchasing a new feeder that we forget we need a place to hang it. With our bird feeder poles and accessories you will have plenty of options.

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